How It All Started

Mrs. Mary Twardzik (Mrs. T) was a real woman with a real recipe for success. She became famous in her town of Shenandoah, PA, for making delicious pierogies – an Eastern European delight. In 1952, her business-savvy son, Ted, started selling her pierogies in grocery stores. After growing the retail business, the family had an idea: if people loved Mrs. T’s pierogies at home, why not offer them to foodservice establishments?

From Fairs to Fine Dining

Fairs and fundraisers were some of the first venues to offer Mrs. T’s Pierogies as a deep-fried, satisfying alternative to French fries. Because kids loved eating pierogies at home, schools knew their students would love eating our pierogies at school, too. Whether baked, sautéed, toasted or sauced, the result was always the same: clean plates and an A+ in nutrition. It didn’t take long for our stuffed pasta delights to start showing up in quick service, casual family and fine dining restaurants. Because Mrs. T’s Pierogies are so versatile, they make a great choice as a center-of-the-plate meal or a complementary side. Once mini pierogies were introduced, their fun size and versatility opened the door to more creative menu possibilities. Today you’ll find our minis in hearty soups, chilled pasta salads and flavorful appetizers.

Pierogy Pride

We’re proud to say our U.S. Servicemen and Women can enjoy Mrs. T’s Pierogies around the world, for a taste of home. We also take pride in the way pierogies have stayed on trend. Today, contemporary chefs are learning how to creatively serve Mrs. T’s Pierogies on food trucks, in brew pubs, ball park concessions and wherever small groups of friends gather to enjoy their favorite foods. Helping foodservice operators bring people together is at the heart of what we do, in every product, every recipe and every promotion.